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  29  January  2018

*EuroDIG News 02/2018*

*Public consultation on the draft EuroDIG programme
*The draft programme outline
is out now and will be subject for discussion during the planning
meeting on 1 February in Tbilisi. This meeting is open for everyone and
free of charge. Remote participation will be possible. Join us!

Furthermore the draft programme will remain open for comments until *15
February.* Please send your comments to the EuroDIG Secretariat
<mailto:office at eurodig.org>.

Our aim was to accommodate all submissions in the EuroDIG programme,
because our concept is not to reject or accept proposals, but bring
together people that can contribute to a session from different
perspectives. We believe this truly fosters a multi stakeholder
discussion, both during the session planning process and the EuroDIG event.

*Get involved in the session planning!
*Once the programme is consolidated we will reach out to all submitters
directly, encouraging them to form teams that organise the sessions
<https://www.eurodig.org/index.php?id=113>. This process will start in
the 2^nd half of February. As always Org Teams are open and everyone is
invited to join at any time, also those who made no submission. The
EuroDIG wiki as the collaboration tool will help Org Teams to prepare
the sessions and allow new Org Team members to catch up what has been

*Stay informed and discuss with European stakeholder!
*Would you like to connect, discuss and share information about latest
development in Internet governance with other European stakeholder? We
have set up a mailing list: eurodiscuss at list.eurodig.org
<mailto:eurodiscuss at list.eurodig.org>. This list is open for everyone to
post but it is still unpopulated. Please help us to make it an active
source of information and subscribe to it now!

*EuroDIG Secretariat
*office at eurodig.org <mailto:office at eurodig.org>
www.eurodig.org <http://www.eurodig.org>






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