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*/_On behalf of Silvia Grundmann_/*


Dear Committee members, observers and participants, 


I would like to thank those of you who participated in the Internet
Freedom Conference “The Role and Responsibilities of Internet
Intermediaries”/, /which was held in Vienna on 13 October.


I am truly grateful for your contribution and involvement, and
appreciate your coming to Vienna for this event, and equally your
following it online.


The lively and rich discussions, among other things - on the question of
delegation of law enforcement authority from public to private actors,
‘self-regulation’ by private actors and the interplay between the two,
certainly contributed to the success of the Conference, together with
the general spirit of openness and trust that the event has seen.


I encourage you to consult the report (coming soon) and video materials
from the conference on its official website
whenever this may be of help for your work and hope to see you at more
Council of Europe events in the future.


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