[IRPCoalition] Open Internet Principles for Democracy: Putting Media Freedom Front and Center

Daniel O'Maley DanielO at ned.org
Thu Oct 26 22:26:57 EEST 2017

IRPC Colleagues,

I'm sharing a post I wrote for CIMA's blog about the collaborative development of a Democratic Framework to Interpret
Open Internet Principles - Open Internet Principles for Democracy: Putting Media Freedom Front and Center<https://www.cima.ned.org/blog/open-internet-principles-democracy-putting-media-freedom-front-center/> (https://www.cima.ned.org/blog/open-internet-principles-democracy-putting-media-freedom-front-center/). CIMA is encouraging our network of journalists, media reformers, and media development practitioners to become engaged in discussions surrounding Internet norms and principles.

The new framework<https://openinternet.global/comment-draft-principles>, which is based off of IRPC's 10 Rights and Principles, is open for input until Friday November 17th. The more input and engagement it gets, the more useful it will be going forward.

If you're interested in learning more about this initiative, please visit the project website https://openinternet.global.


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