[IRPCoalition] Fwd: IGF DC Papers Open for Community Comment!

Marianne Franklin m.i.franklin at gold.ac.uk
Mon Oct 30 19:20:38 EET 2017

Dear IRPC List members

The 2017 IGF meeting is in Geneva and for that meeting all the Dynamic
Coalitions have been working together to develop the third DC Main
Session. That is on Wednesday (if I am not mistaken) and will be
focusing on a range of DC projects. These projects are being presented
for the Main Session in the form of papers. As Eleonora from the
Secretariat notes below, these project papers are now accessible on the
IGF website and in a format that allows you all to provide feedback.

The IRPC SC has put together the first draft of the IRPC Charter
Educational Resource Guide
(from here on in the /Charter Resource Guide/) that is building on the
pioneering work by SC member Kevin Risser and his students at Syracuse.
We are looking for as much input as possible so that the Resource Guide
can provide examples, case-studies, and other sorts of activities for
informing and educating students and others around the world.


It is the first working draft so we are excited to be presenting this to
the list, and to the IGF community in Geneva and beyond. The interactive
version is below in the link and attached as a PDF for those wishing not
to go online.

Our Coalition meeting is also in the schedule
<https://igf2017.intgovforum.org/>, on Monday morning, Day 1. First
thing. There is just an hour to discuss this work-in-progress in
preparation for the DC Main Session later in the week. But also to
brainstorm ideas about moving forward, and any other matters arising. We
look forward to seeing all you IGF early birds there on Monday.

More updates to follow.
Warm regards

Dear All,

The Secretariat is pleased to announce that *substantive papers produced
by **IGF Dynamic Coalitions (DCs)*
*_open for community comment in the _**_IGF's Review Platform._*

These papers have been produced by coalitions ahead of their *main
session at IGF 2017*
reflect current areas of debate, interest and inquiry in each of the
coalitions' work. *Thirteen DCs have submitted papers this year, on:
/Accessibility and Disability; Blockchain Technologies; Child Online
Safety; Community Connectivity; Core Internet Values; Gender and
Internet Governance; Innovative Approaches to Connecting the
Unconnected; Internet of Things; Internet Rights and Principles; Network
Neutrality; Platform Responsibility; Public Access in Libraries; and
Trade.  /*

*All stakeholders are welcome to read these excellent drafts and
**provide comments*
the run-up to IGF 2017. *

For any related questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the
Secretariat - and congratulations to DCs for their hard work!

Best regards,

IGF Secretariat

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