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The text was agreed back in July. Today was just official rubber-stamping.
So, on the TSM regulation, there really isn’t much to do at this point. 
I think in our view, the TSM gives regulators some good tools and obligations to monitor and intervene as necessary. 
BEREC will be doing guidelines at some point. They will be relevant to weigh in on.


> On 1 Oct 2015, at 14:36, Mitar <mmitar at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi!
> So, I am looking at various actions about net neutrality in EU:
> https://savetheinternet.eu/
> https://forthenet.eu/
> But I am lacking some real EU-wide mobilization. I have not seen much
> "buzz" around which I have seen when similar things were happening in
> USA.
> I have a feeling that somehow there are too many NGOs and groups
> involved and somehow every one just wants for other group to do
> something, but we are forgetting that without people those groups will
> not be able to do anything?
> So am I just too early in panicking? But in the past there was much
> more "buzz" much earlier.
> Or maybe we just do not have a clear common platform what exactly we
> want? I have seen things floating around which are trying to define
> that some classes of traffic are OK to be prioritized (health, IoT),
> while others not. I have my doubts if this is still net neutrality and
> if we all stand behind this.
> I am glad that Slovenia has a strong position on net neutrality, but
> where are others?
> https://twitter.com/mitar_m/status/649536831390879744
> Mitar
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> http://mitar.tnode.com/
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