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Thu Oct 1 21:00:17 EEST 2015


Thank you for your reply.

The text was agreed back in July. Today was just official rubber-stamping.

You mean, the text was agreed back in July by  European Parliament, Member
State governments, and the Commission? And the agreement between various
net neutrality groups is that the text is OK?

What about too vague definitions of exceptional services? Shouldn't we push
back on that?

> So, on the TSM regulation, there really isn’t much to do at this point.
> I think in our view, the TSM gives regulators some good tools and
> obligations to monitor and intervene as necessary. BEREC will be doing
> guidelines at some point. They will be relevant to weigh in on.

So what are then those sites about?


What they are warning against? So if the text is OK, why a countdown and
asking to call the representatives?

The site is claiming that:

"After months of delay and negotiations, on 30th June 2015, the EU
institutions agreed on an incoherent, unclear text that leaves it to
regulators and the European Commission to decide whether net neutrality
will be protected or not. They could interpret the text in ways that allow
for paid fast-lanes and kill the best effort Internet in the EU."


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