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Max Senges maxsenges
Wed Jan 13 19:57:04 EET 2010

hi everybody

i have made a number of edits in the privacy section and would like to ask a
fundamental question

1) I thought it would be good to raise ease of access, comprehensiveness and
usability of privacy settings:
"Privacy policy and settings of all services should be easy to find and the
management of privacy settings should be comprehensive and optimized for

2) The following sentence seems rather ambiguous to me (esp. what is meant
by "hidden mechanism") and I suggest to remove or amend it:
"Social media networks must disclose when hidden mechanisms are being
employed to harvest email personal data bases."

3) "Service providers have a responsibility to make clear in which legal
jurisdiction(s) the user's personal data is being hosted, so that the user
can make informed decisions."
I have raised this before and even though I see how this is an important
point, I think it needs to be formulated differently/ thought through a bit
more. If I create a file/data-point in the cloud say while I am in Germany,
then I go on a trip and the file "moves with me" to servers in Asia... etc.
etc. how can there be a final decision which jurisdiction is concerned? I
mean wouldn't it make more sense to be determined in a case by case logic?

4) "Unless otherwise explicitly agreed, data should be deleted when it is no
longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, or for legal
reasons." I would think that it's important to limit this paragraph to
personal data and ask for anonymization: "Unless otherwise explicitly
agreed,  personal data should be deleted or anonymized when it is no longer
necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, or for legal

5) "People must be free to communicate without arbitrary surveillance or
interception, or the threat of surveillance or interception. This includes
the use of technologies such as deep packet inspection and the exercise of
control over individuals such as in instances of domestic violence and
     This paragraph seems to be mixing several points. The main points have
been raised in other paragraphs and while I totally agree to the first
sentence i think the second is controversial. E.g. deep packet inspection is
a particular technology and we said we dont want to mention particular

6) "Service providers should communicate clearly with users the
circumstances under which personal data will be shared with governments
and/or with other private entities. Simultaneously provide options for
unscribing from such networks. " I don't get the latter sentence.
Unsubscribe from the Internet? i'd suggest we delete.

Looking forward to your input


"The future is here. It?s just not widely distributed yet."
?William Gibson


Max Senges


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