[IRP] Something important is happening in Spain

Max Senges maxsenges
Wed Jan 13 17:32:25 EET 2010

Hi Miguel

thanks for posting this. Jeremy Malcom has made us aware and suggested to
have the IRP and FCC charter join efforts. Franziska Heine who has been
quite active on FCC and myself have discussed this and if there are no
objections Franziska will contribute the relevant sections of the FCC
charter to our IRP charter (in a different text color) so our expert
consolidation committee can consider it.


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On Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 3:47 PM, Miguel Perez Subias <mps at aui.es> wrote:

> Hello,
> Something important is happening in Spain.
> http://news.google.es/news/searchaq=f&pz=1&cf=all&ned=es&hl=es&q=red+SOStenible
> The spanish government, in response to the demands of the content industry,
> wants to change the law to close sites quicly (in four day) at the request
> of an administrative entity managed by this industry. As a result of this
> proposal to change several laws, the Spanish Internet world is revealed an
> reacting creating a coalition based on this letter of principles and rights
> to explain haw to manage rigtht and principles in a information society
> based on the internet:
> http://fcforum.net/
> The central rebellion web site is:
> http://red-sostenible.net/
> (In just a few days on facebook 200,000 subscribers and a large following
> information.)
> Can we find points of convergence with www.internetrightsandprinciples.org???
> Ideas ??
> Thanks for your time
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