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shaila mistry shailam
Tue Jan 12 18:38:49 EET 2010

Hi I tried to participate but it asks for a password
shaila  from IRP 

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Address where the event will be streamed - 


Address where the event will be archived after the fact - 

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Subject: Re: [IRP] Freedom House - Feb 2010 Human Rights Summit

Hi there. Any details about virtual participation? Not seeing any info on the FH website.

On Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 10:15 AM, Robert Guerra <guerra at freedomhouse.org<mailto:guerra at freedomhouse.org>> wrote:
Dear IRP colleagues,

I would like to share with all of you news of an upcoming event that Freedom House will be organizing next month. I will briefly mention the event at the end of today's call. Further details are below as well as in the attached blurb.

I am working with my colleague Elizabeth Floyd to have the event include virtual participation as well as have one of the working groups focus on Internet Rights & Internet Freedom.



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Freedom House, the Center for American Progress, and Human Rights First will convene the 2010 Washington Human Rights Summit: Affirming Fundamental Freedoms, in February 2010 in Washington DC. The event will bring together the world?s leading human rights and democracy activists along with political leaders, scholars, and journalists.  Participants will examine challenges to the promotion of rights and freedoms in different parts of the world and set out a forward-looking vision for U.S. foreign policy, multilateral institutions and the international community for the years ahead. For additional information please contact Paula Schriefer <schriefer at freedomhouse.org<mailto:schriefer at freedomhouse.org><mailto:schriefer at freedomhouse.org<mailto:schriefer at freedomhouse.org>>> and Elizabeth Floyd  <floyd at freedomhouse.org<mailto:floyd at freedomhouse.org><mailto:floyd at freedomhouse.org<mailto:floyd at freedomhouse.org>>>

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