[IRP] Folllow up on IRP meeting (1/07/10)

Bodle, Robert Robert_Bodle
Thu Jan 7 21:06:24 EET 2010

Hello everyone (great hearing everyone?s voice on the conf. call),

Just a short follow up on my part ? 

I wanted to invite everyone to email me announcements for relevant events, meetings, and happenings for Internet Rights and Principles to add to the Facebook Events Calendar. 

The Facebook Events Calendar located on the left hand column of the IRP Facebook fan page can then serve as a visual reminder and planning tool for the Dynamic Coalition. 

Thank you for your participation. 

Robert Bodle (snowed-in in Ohio)


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Subject: [IRP] IRP Statement to Open Consultation for IGF 2010

Dear All

Greetings. To follow on from Max's speed-of-light sending out of the
minutes of today's IRP phone-conference, this email is a call for
contributions to a statement from the DC as part of the open consultations
in preparation for Vilnius later this year.

Fouad's invitation for ideas and comments for the MAG meetings is pasted
below fyi so the DC statement also contributes to this side of the process;
point 4 in particular.

In short, the IRP statement can cover:

1) Contributions that take stock of last year's IGF in Sharm el Sheikh
2) Suggestions for the agenda and format of the Vilnius meeting.

Time is short, so we need your comments by Monday at the latest. I will
then cobble up a first draft for one more round. The statement has to be
ready to go by 15 January.

All input welcome on either or both of the two aspects above.


--On Thursday, January 07, 2010 6:08 +0500 Fouad Bajwa
<fouadbajwa at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Friends,
> As you are all aware about the IGF Open Consultation and MAG meetings
> in February 2010, I would like to request those people that cannot
> participate but would like to be heard to forward their interventions
> so that we can read and extend them on the floor during the Open
> Consultation. I further request statements to be brief, concise and to
> the point as the floor has to be passed on to the wide participation
> during the consultation.
> As for the MAG, we have a strong Civil Society MAG group including
> myself. The MAG is responsible for suggesting the design/organization
> of the IGF2010. IF you have concerns regarding the programming of the
> IGF2010, you can forward your statements for intervention to me so
> that they can be shared amongst our other team members. Once again,
> the requirement for being brief, concise and to the point applies here
> as well!
> Ideas for interventions can involve statements such as but not limited to:
> 1. Issues surfaced during the IGF2009 in Sharam.
> 2. Developing Country Participation/Inclusion Issues.
> 3. Main Program / Main Theme Issues for IGF2010.
> 4. Human Rights Issues/Rights on the Internet Issues.
> 5. Development Agenda for Internet Governance Issues.
> 6. Youth and Gender Participation Issues.
> For your convenience and live correspondence, I will be available on
> Skype (ID:fouadbajwa , kindly don't forget to introduce yourself
> please while adding me) throughout the three days of meetings (1 day
> open consultation + 2 days MAG meetings).
> I look forward to assisting your interventions.
> --
> Regards.
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> Fouad Bajwa
> Advisor & Researcher
> ICT4D & Internet Governance
> Member Multistakeholder Advisory Group (IGF)
> Member Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus (IGC)
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