[IRP] Invitation to APC Networking Dinner Tuesday November 17th

karen banks karenb
Mon Nov 16 15:48:17 EET 2009

Dear IRP members,

APC would like to invite you to a networking dinner on Tuesday Nov 17th
during the occasion of the 4th IGF.

We don't as yet know where we'll have the dinner, but it's most likely
to be held at the Grand Rotana Resort and Spa hotel, where some of us
are staying, and which is only 1 mile or so from the conference centre.

We are planning on costs being around 150-200 Egyptian pounds, possible
more, especially if you are drinking (a lot..).

This message goes to many, many friends and colleagues but i may have
in-advertently left some friends from the list.

I am loathe to email addresses on a vast cc list for checking - so - i
would ask you to let me know, if you think i may have excluded
colleagues (for example, colleagues from your organisation that i don't
know so well) from this invite, to let me know by return.

We promise good food, drink, and hopefully a lovely view of the Red Sea.

Do let us know if you can attend (Offlist), and i'll follow up with a 
confirmation of the venue as soon as possible.

all the best

for APC

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