[IRP] Agenda :: meeting time changed to 8am :: official Internet Rights and Principles meeting @ IGF 09 - Wednesday the 18th in room Room 5: Sphinx

Max Senges maxsenges
Mon Nov 16 12:58:02 EET 2009

Hi everybody

The Internet Rights and Principles workshop/meeting will be on *Wednesday
the 18th from 8.00 - 9.30 in room Room 5: Sphinx*.

I think we many things to present and discuss and I would like to keep the
format really interactive rather than having presentations.

The following agenda points come to mind (please add):

0) History of the IRP coalition

1) next steps:: Charter on Human Rights and Principles on the Internet

2) electing and reconstituting the steering committee and chair

3) outlook for the next year: What should be do?
--- UN connection to Rapporteurs, sessions @ regional IGFs,
internationalization and broader rights coverage of www.chillingeffects.org,
win more institutions and individual members, other ideas?

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Give me a call (+49 1622122755) or check your mail on Friday
afternoon/early-evening to see where we go for dinner.

To a good IGF 09
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