[IRP] Freedom of Expression Dynamic Coalition Meeting - Tuesday 17th November

Lisa Horner lisa
Mon Nov 16 23:44:40 EET 2009

Dear all

Please see below an invitation to the Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Media online dynamic coalition meeting on Tuesday at 11.30.  All are welcome to join, remotely via the IGF website or in person.  Please forward this email to relevant networks.

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We would like to invite all stakeholders to participate in the Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Media Online Dynamic Coalition meeting at the IGF on Tuesday (tomorrow) at 11.30 in the Siwa room.

Key stakeholders and advocates for freedom of expression will share their ideas and experiences about the importance of maintaining the internet as an open space that supports the free flow of information, ideas and knowledge.  Discussants include:
?	Frank La Rue, UN Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Opinion and Expression
?	Sami Ben Gharbia, Advocacy Director for Global Voices Online
?	Johan Hallenborg, Special Advisor, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden
?	Mogens Schmidt, Director, Division of Freedom of expression Democracy and Peace, UNESCO.

We will also be discussing the role that the coalition can and should play in the IGF and wider internet governance processes.  This will include identifying strategies for raising awareness and concrete steps for moving forward.  The aim is to foster the development of a vibrant coalition that facilitates collaboration and information sharing amongst individuals and groups working to protect and promote the fundamental and critical right to freedom of expression online. 

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