[IRP] IGF 09 Sharm el Sheik

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl
Thu Nov 12 12:04:56 EET 2009

Max wrote:

  I will inquire about a nice restaurant as soon as I arrive and send a message around friday afternoon.

As someone who has been on vacation to Sharm el Sheikh last year, may I tell you that the restaurants in the hotels are generally overpriced and less "genuine" than the restaurants in the main tourist area of "Na'ama Bay".
You can get a group taxi (a minibus) which you can fill with nearly as many people as you wish if the right "baksheesh" is paid to the driver. Driving time to Na'ama bay = 10 minutes, and an interesting experience... if your group is of the singing type...

Kind regards,

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