[IRP] last round & producing a clean version 0.8 of the charter

Jac sm Kee jac
Thu Nov 12 05:25:43 EET 2009

Hi Max,

Thanks for this. Just checked out v 0.8 and it looks great. Did some 
edits to:

Art 1 & 2 - Access to.... along *gender* (added), race, ethnicity, 
socioeconomic status, and community type (rural, urban) lines (WSIS ?10).

Art 3 - Steps should be taken... *cyberstalking, online harassment, 
dissemination of private information without consent for the purposes of 
blackmail or threats* (added) and the abuse of children.

Also added - The internet should be a space where people are able to 
exercise their rights to access information, communicate and form 
communities and networks to protect their life, liberty and security, 
including around health and sexual reproductive health issues and 
freedom from persecution and discrimination.

Art 4 - Concern about:   Actively plan to *shut down* sites that use the 
internet to conduct such illegal endeavors.

E.g. Malaysian govt have recently passed an anti-trafficking act, which 
is inadequate in many ways to address the problem. But slipped into the 
act is broad powers for surveillance. In addition, the Multimedia and 
Communications Act promises no censorship of the internet, but other 
laws are used to closed down sites. The anti-trafficking law would 
present such an opportunity. So I would be hesitant for a direct call 
under a HR charter to shut down sites, esp without a responding call for 
safeguards against other rights if that makes sense?

*  The human rights of persons involved at all levels of the development 
and operationalisation of the internet and related infrastructure must 
be protected. This includes fair, safe and non-exploitative working 
conditions, and recognition and measures to address different needs and 
concerns along gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and 
community type (rural, urban) lines.

* The internet should be a space that can promote openness, 
accountability and prevention of abuse and exploitation in the area of 
migration for economic, social or political reasons.

* Any measures taken to address threats to human rights should not limit 
the ability of the internet to support other human rights such as free 
expression, privacy and association, or the ability of individuals to 
enjoy these rights. Any security measures that encroach on other human 
rights should be consistent with international human rights laws and 
standards, the rule of law and be necessary and proportionate for the 
relevant purpose.

Art 5 - While... Online harassment, bullying, cyberstalking, hate speech 

All instances... The affected person's right to privacy and dignity must 
be protected at all times in this instance. (added)

Art 18 - Added

*     There should be no restriction on the internet for people to 
express and practice their faith, including exchange of information, 
communication, expression of opinions and formation of communities or 
association. The internet must be protected from interventions by 
private and public actors to repress or persecute people for their beliefs.

?        In the exercise of the right to freedom from belief, the 
beliefs of others should be respected. This includes limitation on hate 
speech and other forms of expression intended to limit or suppress the 
rights of others.

Art 19 - concern

*The stress on "legal" content might be tricky in the future. Esp in 
governance structures that suppress any form of dissent or differing 
content as seditious or against national security or public morality. 
Would suggest instead: In principle, there should be no censorship or 
filtering of the internet.

Going to stop here, and look forward to a robust face to face and 
further online discussion around this :)

Safe travels to all who's attending IGF.


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Jac sm Kee
Association of Progressive Communications, Women's Networking Support 
Programme (APC WNSP)

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