[IRP] last round & producing a clean version 0.8 of the charter

Max Senges maxsenges
Tue Nov 10 14:52:31 EET 2009

Dear IRPlers

WOW - my respect I finally got around to looking through Section 2 and I was
super happy to see that it was pretty complete and well formulated.

I actually think that we can make a preliminary version and bring printouts
to the IGF.

We should maybe put a Beta as well as/or a version 0.9 on it, but i think it
certainly raises most aspects and should be mainstreamed as wide as

I would be happy to make nice printouts, but could anybody work on a nice
layout? So we can also share it as pdf? I have started by putting it into a
public g-doc which is much easier to edit and layout @

*Section I (no new edits, still needs consolidation for FoE, A2K, Privacy)

*Section II* (below are some paragraphs I took out or have questions about)

Of course there is still work to be done. The first section needs to have
some key sections consolidated (it's still repetitive for some rights)
Should we meet this thursday at 18.00 (CET) to discuss last edits before the

**Please explain:There is certainly no right to a n internet backbone*
Public infrastructure. The internet serves as a global public
infrastructure. This infrastructure must be widely distributed and support
sufficient bandwidth, which will enable people everywhere to utilise its
potential for raising their voices, improving their lives and expressing
their creativity. People have the right to well-distributed national
internet backbone that is connected to the international network.

These paragraphs were repetitive (but maybe we should distill some aspects
raised into the final version):*
 Open accessibility for all. People should be able to access and use all
interfaces, content and applications (inclusive design). Interfaces, content
and applications must be designed to ensure accessibility for all, including
people with physical, sensory or cognitive disabilities, people who are not
literate and people who speak minority languages. The principle of inclusive
design and the use of assistive technologies must be promoted and supported
to allow persons with disabilities to benefit fully and on equal terms with
non-disabled people.
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