[IRP] [REMINDER] monthly meeting 19th of March 17.00 GMT

Max Senges maxsenges
Tue Mar 17 15:29:29 EET 2009

WATCH OUT - for some strange reason daylight saving starts about a month
earlier in Europe than in the States so this call is 8am PST / 11am EST

hello everybody

Please RSVP for our monthly meeting next thursday 19th March @ 17.00 GMT

Proposed agenda:

   - Review/Ammend&Add/Accept Agenda
   - report from ICANN Summit - next steps Registrants Rights Charter
   - Meeting in Italy -- Lisa and others
   - Steering Committee and Merger
   - new steering committee members (we have Graciela, someone from IT for
      Change, plus somone from APC, and Rudi from ISOC Belgium who want to join
      the steering committee)
      - agree and celebrate ;-) the merger --- if there are any doubts
      please raise them this week
   - contribution to IGF review
   - proposals for workshops (i know Bertrand has one on Rights in
   - re-development of our mission statement
   - re-development of our website content (i think we can improve a lot by
   targeting why people/institutions/companies should join and what they can
   - Human Readable Privacy project meeting in Berlin

I am happy to have somebody else chair the meeting and i will definitly ask
whether somebody else can take minutes!

If nobody complains i suggest we use the conferencing service we used last
time - so please follow the instructions below:

*To use the HiDef Conferencing service, you may either call from:*

    *Skype Number:*
  *+9900827045305196 (Free)*     OR

*Telephone Number:* +1-201-793-9022 (normal rates to call US apply)

   - Conference Room Number: *5305196*

Here is the skype chat link

hasta luego


Dr. Max Senges


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