[IRP] [REMINDER] monthly meeting 19th of March 17.00 GMT

Lisa Horner lisa
Tue Mar 17 19:45:40 EET 2009

Hi all


I'm sorry but I'm not going to be able to make the meeting.


My update - I've been talking to the Italian government about the event
on Internet Rights and Principles that they plan to hold in Rome on 20th
July, after the G8 meeting.  They hope to form a working group to work
on the event, including representatives from each of the dynamic
coalitions.  I passed contact details on for the leaders of the DCs,
based on the mainstreaming workshop we held in Hyderabad.  I think the
idea is for these leaders to nominate representatives from the 3
different stakeholder groups to sit on the working group, but I'm not
sure how this will work out in practice.  The group will feed into the
organization of the meeting, and into creating a scoping paper for
discussion at the event.   That's about all I know at the moment, but
it's looking positive...


Looking forward to everyone else's updates in the minutes.





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WATCH OUT - for some strange reason daylight saving starts about a month
earlier in Europe than in the States so this call is 8am PST / 11am EST

hello everybody

Please RSVP for our monthly meeting next thursday 19th March @ 17.00 GMT

Proposed agenda:

*	Review/Ammend&Add/Accept Agenda
*	report from ICANN Summit - next steps Registrants Rights Charter
*	Meeting in Italy -- Lisa and others
*	Steering Committee and Merger 

	*	new steering committee members (we have Graciela,
someone from IT for Change, plus somone from APC, and Rudi from ISOC
Belgium who want to join the steering committee)
	*	agree and celebrate ;-) the merger --- if there are any
doubts please raise them this week

*	contribution to IGF review
*	proposals for workshops (i know Bertrand has one on Rights in
*	re-development of our mission statement
*	re-development of our website content (i think we can improve a
lot by targeting why people/institutions/companies should join and what
they can do)
*	Human Readable Privacy project meeting in Berlin

I am happy to have somebody else chair the meeting and i will definitly
ask whether somebody else can take minutes!

If nobody complains i suggest we use the conferencing service we used
last time - so please follow the instructions below:

To use the HiDef Conferencing service, you may either call from:

Skype Number: 

	+9900827045305196 (Free) 



Telephone Number: +1-201-793-9022 (normal rates to call US apply)

*         Conference Room Number: 5305196


Here is the skype chat link

hasta luego


Dr. Max Senges 






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