[IRPCoalition] Updates: IRPC SC First Meeting Report, Annual Activity Report and DCs Online Survey

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Wed Mar 24 20:03:32 EET 2021

Dear all,

Thank you Parminder and Timothy for sharing these important issues / documents with the list and apologies for my very slow reaction: please bear with me as I try to adapt to yet another change of routine, as pandemic-related lockdowns and restrictions wave in and out of our daily lives. I hope you are all keeping well!

@Parminder, do keep us updated about further developments and also how this and other Dynamic Coalitions can help ensuring that IG processes stick to their principle in promoting balanced participation of all stakeholder groups for "real" and productive cooperation in line with the WSIS mandate.

@Timothy, I agree that these are very important concerns that need to be raised and addressed as the wide roll out of vaccine passports will inevitably trigger serious human rights implications.

At the last IGF the IRPC joined the DCs Main Session and stressed the urgent need of upholding human rights in the online environment in times of crisis and beyond. Following the session, the SC produced a summary document of outcomes and recommendations and we would be open to work together on a public statement. This would also address some of the concerns raised by Timothy in the last and previous emails. I would be interested to hearing if others in the list agree that a public statement would be the best way forward.

On another note, I would also like to share with you the summary report of our first Steering Committee meeting last month - an introductory meeting where we also discussed activities in 2021 (and the 10th anniversary of the Charter), plus the focus / strategy of the SC work this year.  The other attachment is the IRPC Annual Report 2020, which was sent to the IGF Secretariat.

Finally, all Dynamic Coalitions are invited to participate in a survey that aims to collect input on the work of each DC.  This will later feed into a DC paper being developed by the DC Coordination Group and the IGF Secretariat. This survey should be filled in collaboratively and I will be sharing the document via Google docs following this email.

Very best wishes,
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