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For your information.

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Dear Colleagues,

This is the most wonderful news in days and a great victory for the digital
rights movement.

Yet again, it proves that how Research can bring wonderful policy changes
that we all are striving for.

Umer cced is a young brilliant lawyer based in Islamabad and he took this
initiative at his own based on the following published research.


We are extremely thankful for all the great work by Umer and his team for
taking this up in the court.

Thanks are also due to Dr. Lucy Purdon and Dr. Ben Wagner for their amazing
timely work and helping us conduct this research in Pakistan. Also copying
Salil Bhai at IHRB, who was great help and support as always.

We look forward to your advice on how to take this forward.

Best wishes and regards


Shahzad Ahmad
Country Director, Bytes for All, Pakistan
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BytesForAllPakistan
Twitter: @bytesforall | @sirkup
Office Landline: +92 51 8437981 <+92%2051%208437981> | Cell: +92 333 5236060

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*From: *Umer Gilani
*Subject: **Mobile Network Shutdowns declared Illegal*
*Date: *February 26, 2018 at 10:37:29 AM GMT+5
*To: *shahzad ahmad <shahzad at bytesforall.pk>
*Cc: *Haroon Baloch <haroon at bytesforall.pk>, tehmina <tehmina at bytesforall.pk

Dear Shahzad *sahib*

Just an hour ago, the Islamabad High Court has allowed the petitions filed
by public interest petitioner against mobile network shutdowns. The
shutdowns have been declared as illegal being contrary to the provisions of
Section 54 of the PTA Act which states that the government can exercise
this drastic power only when a Proclamation of Emergency has been issued -
which has happened only a couple of times in our history. In all other
circumstance, the shutdowns are illegal.

The ruling, being against PTA and Federal Government, would be applicable
all over Pakistan.

While we expect an appeal, this is nonetheless a great victory for digital
rights in the context of present day Pakistan.

We have applied for a copy of the detailed judgment. Once we have the
detailed judgment, it would be helpful to arrange a round-table of the sort
we discussed when we last met.


Umer Gilani, *LLM (Washington), **BA-LLB (LUMS)*

The Law and Policy Chambers
Office No. F-24, Afzal Center,
Opp. Islamabad High Court, G-10/1


“The fundamental cure for poverty is not money but knowledge" Sir William
Arthur Lewis, Nobel Prize Economics, 1979
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