[IRPCoalition] OTI Launches New "Transatlantic Dialogues on Security and Freedom in a Digital Age" Project

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Open Technology Institute Launches New "Transatlantic Dialogues on Security
and Freedom in a Digital Age" Project with Berlin-based Global Public
Policy Institute

WASHINGTON, DC --Together with the Global Public Policy Institute<
in Germany, New America's Open Technology Institute has launched a new
project called "Transatlantic Dialogues on Security and Freedom in a
Digital Age." Over the next two years, the project will bring together
experts from the United States and Europe to debate and research the
balance between security and freedom.

"At a time of significant Transatlantic tension on this topic, it is
especially important that we build pathways for reasoned, research-driven
international dialogue on controversial issues such as Internet governance,
fragmentation, and cybersecurity," said Tim Maurer, research fellow at New
America's Open Technology Institute. "We hope that our work in partnership
with the Global Public Policy Institute can help provide fresh answers to
tough questions about the future, at this critical juncture in the
development of the global and open Internet."

The project, which will take place over the course of 2014 and 2015, will
produce two policy papers, a conference in Washington DC, and regular
policy breakfasts and is a unique opportunity to address some difficult
challenges at a very critical time in Transatlantic relations. Experts from
the Open Technology Institute and GPPi will write the two papers. In the
first, the authors will examine proposals by governments on how to
re-engineer the Internet to ensure "technological sovereignty" in response
to concerns over US surveillance in the context of the Internet's continued
expansion. In the second paper, the authors will craft policy
recommendations to ensure a free and open Internet in the event of a major
cyber incident. In addition, regular articles, op-eds and blog posts will
make the key project-findings accessible to a broader audience.

 "GPPi is very happy to partner with New America's OTI," said Thorsten
Benner, co-founder and director of GPPi. "We look forward to informing the
policy debates on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond during this
critical stage in the development of global internet politics."

The project relies on the knowledge of professionals working in various
sectors (government, business, civil society and academia) as well as
disciplines (politics, law and computer science). A high-level steering
committee made up of senior policymakers, academics and private sector
representatives from the US and Europe advises the project team. The
project is supported by the Delegation of the European Union to the United

Learn more about the themes and people involved here<


For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Jenny
Mallamo, Media Relations Associate, at mallamo at newamerica.org<mailto:
Mallamo at newamerica.net> or (202) 596-3368.

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