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Dear all,

(sorry for cross-posting)

attached I send a draft version in english done by Raquel Gatto from ISOC

Articles of interest:

3 - principles: I - freedom of expression, II - privacy protection, III -
protection of personal data, IV - NN, V - preservation of security,
stability and functionality of the network, VI - liability of actors, VII -
preservation of the participate nature of the internet,  VII - freedoms for
business models - which telcos have already commented on in a press release
saying this is freedom of consumer choice and is related to different
prices for speeds and services)
7 and 8 - good articles regulating and protecting freedom of expression and
9 - NN
11 - they took out mandate to nationalize databases and now the article say
when the Brazilian law is applicable (jurisdiction was always the main
issue here)
13 - log retention for 1 year by the access provider
15 - log retention for 6 months by the application provider
18, 19 and 20 - take down of content with judicial order and ISP liability
just after that
21 - ISP subsidiary liability related to publication of private content
with nudity (a result of a outcry related to the of a couple of teenagers
in Brazil )

Best (and thank you Raquel!)


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