[IRPCoalition] IRPC Submission to the Net Mundial Meeting

joy joy at apc.org
Wed Mar 5 05:38:44 EET 2014

Thanks Marianne - I added some suggested points in the document. I do
think it is worthwhile for IRP to make a submission and it is great to
see the support for the IRP Charter.
Kind regards
On 5/03/2014 11:12 a.m., Marianne Franklin wrote:
> Dear all
> The deadline for content submissions to the Net Mundial Meeting in
> Brazil is 8 March, this Friday. Along with supporting an important set
> of submissions from civil society through the Best Bits network, the
> SC has been drafting a cover note for a submission on behalf of the
> IRPC Charter. This submission addresses governments and business
> representatives attending the meeting and so underscores the role the
> Charter has in civil society advocacy around human rights and the
> internet as it also emphasizes the role that governments and
> businesses can play as well.
> Time is short and this cover note is not aiming to reiterate the
> points made in the Best Bits submission. The draft is online for
> comments and suggestions as we finalise it.
> https://pad.riseup.net/p/IRPC_Net_Mundial_Submission
> This text is the outcome of several rounds of drafting so thanks for
> taking the time and provide any input before we send on.
> best
> MF

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