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Wed Mar 5 19:09:25 EET 2014

Dear Marianne/ All

I just now saw the copy of IPR principles that is being submitted, and 
was surprised to see that the 10 Principles which are in the initial 
part is not the same set which was agreed to by the group and is the one 
on the website (in fact the wrong text is followed by a weblink which 
goes to the webpage with the right text 

There are some very significant omissions and inaccuracies in the text 
currently showing as 10 Principles... In the circumstances it will be 
best if we submit the 10 Principles separately as it is on the website, 
and as was finally adopted and later translated into several languages..

An urgent clarification is requested in this regard...

Thanks for this additional work


On Wednesday 05 March 2014 09:08 AM, joy wrote:
> Thanks Marianne - I added some suggested points in the document. I do
> think it is worthwhile for IRP to make a submission and it is great to
> see the support for the IRP Charter.
> Kind regards
> Joy
> On 5/03/2014 11:12 a.m., Marianne Franklin wrote:
>> Dear all
>> The deadline for content submissions to the Net Mundial Meeting in
>> Brazil is 8 March, this Friday. Along with supporting an important set
>> of submissions from civil society through the Best Bits network, the
>> SC has been drafting a cover note for a submission on behalf of the
>> IRPC Charter. This submission addresses governments and business
>> representatives attending the meeting and so underscores the role the
>> Charter has in civil society advocacy around human rights and the
>> internet as it also emphasizes the role that governments and
>> businesses can play as well.
>> Time is short and this cover note is not aiming to reiterate the
>> points made in the Best Bits submission. The draft is online for
>> comments and suggestions as we finalise it.
>> https://pad.riseup.net/p/IRPC_Net_Mundial_Submission
>> This text is the outcome of several rounds of drafting so thanks for
>> taking the time and provide any input before we send on.
>> best
>> MF
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