[IRPCoalition] IRPC Submission to the Net Mundial Meeting

Marianne Franklin m.i.franklin at gold.ac.uk
Wed Mar 5 00:12:20 EET 2014

Dear all

The deadline for content submissions to the Net Mundial Meeting in 
Brazil is 8 March, this Friday. Along with supporting an important set 
of submissions from civil society through the Best Bits network, the SC 
has been drafting a cover note for a submission on behalf of the IRPC 
Charter. This submission addresses governments and business 
representatives attending the meeting and so underscores the role the 
Charter has in civil society advocacy around human rights and the 
internet as it also emphasizes the role that governments and businesses 
can play as well.

Time is short and this cover note is not aiming to reiterate the points 
made in the Best Bits submission. The draft is online for comments and 
suggestions as we finalise it.


This text is the outcome of several rounds of drafting so thanks for 
taking the time and provide any input before we send on.


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