[IRPCoalition] Just Net Coalition statement to BRICS summit on Internet Governance and Human Rights

Marianne Franklin m.i.franklin at gold.ac.uk
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Dear Carolina

Speaking in a personal capacity, I am not sure I understand the 
question. Could you clarify?

Speaking as co-Chair of the IRPC, and willing to stand corrected, 
circulating news and announcements from IRPC participants, or from 
individuals and organizations who are intervening in issues where human 
rights online and/or internet governance are concerned has been an 
inclusive, open-for-discussion practice on the IRPC list since the 
outset in 2008/2009.

Calls for endorsement are to the list and based on responses to that 
call so a distinct message and process. Many messages circulate around 
various lists, and are responded to accordingly.

This is at least how I experienced the list since the beginning and how 
I, and others who post on it have proceeded since.

Not sure if this is what you are asking but hope this clarifies things 
in this case.

best wishes

On 17/07/2014 15:18, Carolina Rossini wrote:
> are all the folks and organizations that participated in the Just Net 
> first meeting endorsing all and anything that comes out in the website?
> On Thu, Jul 17, 2014 at 6:15 AM, IRPCoalition <info at irpcharter.org 
> <mailto:info at irpcharter.org>> wrote:
>     Dear IRPC
>     Pasted in below is a link to another view of future options for
>     decisions at the intersection of internet governance and human
>     rights, addressed to delegates to a meeting in Brazil of BRICS
>     country representatives.
>     http://www.justnetcoalition.org/Satement-to-the-BRICS-Summit-in-Fortaleza-Brazil
>     All comments welcome to this list, or as requested to the project
>     team contact point here.
>     ****************
>     Dear all,
>     Please find enclosed, a statement issued by Just Net Coalition
>     addressed to the leaders of BRICS countries assembled in
>     Fortaleza, Brazil. Alternatively, you can also find the statement
>     at:
>     http://www.justnetcoalition.org/Satement-to-the-BRICS-Summit-in-Fortaleza-Brazil.
>     The statement seeks their active role in a new global Internet
>     governance dispensation, which is democratic, and promotes human
>     rights, equity and social justice for all.
>     The annex to the statement carries a set of concrete
>     recommendations on how BRICS countries should take a lead in
>     developing open source basic operating systems, software and
>     applications that should then be made available to all as public
>     utilities. To do so is fundamental to reclaiming the Internet as a
>     global commons , which serves as a equal playing field for all to
>     use it for their purposes and benefits. It is also necessary to
>     regain the trust in the Internet and ensure communication which is
>     safe and fully protects people's privacy.
>     We are happy to receive feedback on this.
>     Rgds,
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