[IRPCoalition] human rights in ICANN

Stephanie Perrin stephanie.perrin at mail.utoronto.ca
Mon Jul 7 17:30:39 EEST 2014

As Avri has pointed out, the report is up on line now.  We made a 
commitment in the NCSG, when discussing with the folks from the Council 
of Europe, that we would comment on the report.  I must confess I have 
been engaging in some nice quiet gardening time post-London, but duty 
calls...we were to get a pad going to collect our commentary on it. So, 
once that pad is up and open, we will post.  The bottom line, of course, 
is that this report deserves attention so we need to make sure it gets it.
thanks! Stephanie Perrin
On 14-07-07 5:56 AM, Marianne Franklin wrote:
> Dear McTim
> Correct, it was a report about the GAC to some extent written, I 
> believe, by GAC members.
> Either way, and correct me of course if I am wrong here on the finer 
> points (:)), the points still remain available to debate, in terms of 
> the substantive discussion raised by the report and Milton's review of 
> it.
> best
> MF
> On 04/07/2014 19:25, McTim wrote:
>> On Fri, Jul 4, 2014 at 11:16 AM, Marianne Franklin
>> <m.i.franklin at gold.ac.uk> wrote:
>>> I agree with you though that this report form the GAC will lead to 
>>> actions
>>> and not just words and here I also hope this will include the ICANN 
>>> Board
>>> with and without those "ignorant members"..:))
>> This was not a report from the GAC.

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