[IRPCoalition] [Internet Policy] Meeting in São Paulo on Friday, January 10th (2.)

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Wed Jan 8 06:30:07 EET 2014

Dear Hartmut,

Thanks for the clarification.

In the circumstances, will it be possible for the 3 civil society 
liaisons to the Brazil meeting, appointed by a few prominent civil 
society networks, to also attend the meeting. Just to get civil society 
views in and also to keep us posted. I once again point to the civil 
society letter I has enclosed with yesterday's email which requested 
Brazilian organisers to keep our 3 civil society liaisons posted on all 
matters, and to invite them to all meetings. If 1Net, a yet unclear 
entity, can attend, so I hope can civil society representatives.

Please do let us know.

Thanks and best regards


On Wednesday 08 January 2014 02:26 AM, Hartmut Richard Glaser wrote:
> *To follow-up on the earlier communication, to clarify*
> Initially the meeting on the 10th was intended to be for the planning committees in relation
> to the BR Meeting. However, the late notice of course doesn't enable all to identify let alone
> schedule to participate. This will be a meeting about logistics&infrastructure. As a result though,
> LOG welcome someone from 1Net to participate and would ask that the steering committee
> identify a participant.
> The main focus of this meeting is to discuss issues related to the local organization of the event,
> aspects related to the infrastructure and details of financial resources needed to prepare the
> event. This meeting will NOT discuss issues related to Internet Governance and/or other themes.
> *============================================================================
> *Dear All,
> There will be a face-to-face meeting in Brazil on Friday, January 10th, between the
> local organizing group (LOG) and representatives of 1Net to sort out relevant details
> related to the Brazil Meeting process, in particular the organization of the meeting's
> committees.
> This is not a meeting of any of the committees planned for the event's process, since
> they are not yet constituted. We hope that by January 15th the nominations from all
> stakeholders will be in place for all committees to start their work.
> Thanks for your support.
> Local Organizing Group/CGI.br
> BR Meeting - Global Multistakeholder Meeting
> on the Future of Internet Governance
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