[IRPCoalition] Meeting in São Paulo on Friday, January 10th (2.)

Hartmut Richard Glaser glaser at cgi.br
Tue Jan 7 22:56:23 EET 2014

*To follow-up on the earlier communication, to clarify*

Initially the meeting on the 10th was intended to be for the planning committees in relation
to the BR Meeting. However, the late notice of course doesn't enable all to identify let alone
schedule to participate. This will be a meeting about logistics&infrastructure. As a result though,
LOG welcome someone from 1Net to participate and would ask that the steering committee
identify a participant.

The main focus of this meeting is to discuss issues related to the local organization of the event,
aspects related to the infrastructure and details of financial resources needed to prepare the
event. This meeting will NOT discuss issues related to Internet Governance and/or other themes.


*Dear All,

There will be a face-to-face meeting in Brazil on Friday, January 10th, between the
local organizing group (LOG) and representatives of 1Net to sort out relevant details
related to the Brazil Meeting process, in particular the organization of the meeting's

This is not a meeting of any of the committees planned for the event's process, since
they are not yet constituted. We hope that by January 15th the nominations from all
stakeholders will be in place for all committees to start their work.

Thanks for your support.

Local Organizing Group/CGI.br
BR Meeting - Global Multistakeholder Meeting
on the Future of Internet Governance

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