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Interesting, but your mail is somewhat ambiguous, at least IMHO.


Example : Ungovernance. Isn't there a spelling error ? Maybe UNgovernance would be the correct writing ? But actually, I wonder if both writings aren't synonimous in your mind  ... 


In addition, in the case the "workship" doesn't take on water with your suggested themes,  you shouldn't limit "censorship and surveillance" to a "local" topic, but add mass surveillance practiced by the USG via NSA and its subsidiaries. I'm quite sure that this is a bullet point ! 

Thanks in advance for considering my suggestions. Btw : If I recall correctly (WSIS Prepcoms ...), Meryem should be capable for dealing with this issue.




Jean-Loui Fullsack





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Meryem Marzouki, Robin Gross and I are working with some local activists associated with the Internet Ungovernance Forum to put together a workshop called:


Governance or Ungovernance: A Strategy Workshop for Internet Activists


The workship is designed for people new to the arena who may be:

  * confused about all the complicated and overlapping institutions that claim to be working on Internet governance

  * unsure about how activists concerned with local censorship and surveillance fit into these global structures

  * wondering how the IGF, ICANN, IETF, the ITU, the CSTD, and NetMundial are relevant to their collective engagements


It will be held 3 September 2014 (Wednesday), 13:00 18:00, in Istanbul near Taksim Square


The full description of what we are doing is attached as a pdf, which you are free to forward to other appropriate lists, and the same information can be found at this URL: https://iuf.alternatifbilisim.org/gov_ungov_workshop.html



Milton L Mueller

Laura J and L. Douglas Meredith Professor

Syracuse University School of Information Studies




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