[IRPCoalition] Activists Workshop in Istanbul

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Wed Aug 27 23:20:16 EEST 2014

Meryem Marzouki, Robin Gross and I are working with some local activists associated with the Internet Ungovernance Forum to put together a workshop called:

Governance or Ungovernance: A Strategy Workshop for Internet Activists

The workship is designed for people new to the arena who may be:
  * confused about all the complicated and overlapping institutions that claim to be working on Internet governance
  * unsure about how activists concerned with local censorship and surveillance fit into these global structures
  * wondering how the IGF, ICANN, IETF, the ITU, the CSTD, and NetMundial are relevant to their collective engagements

It will be held 3 September 2014 (Wednesday), 13:00 18:00, in Istanbul near Taksim Square

The full description of what we are doing is attached as a pdf, which you are free to forward to other appropriate lists, and the same information can be found at this URL: https://iuf.alternatifbilisim.org/gov_ungov_workshop.html

Milton L Mueller
Laura J and L. Douglas Meredith Professor
Syracuse University School of Information Studies

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