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Thank you. I also would like to add Selin Karadelen who undertook most of
the Turkish translation for us. It helped my editing immensely. Also, a
quick clarification: the organization's official title is The Pirate Party
Movement of Turkey. Subtle difference, but an important one ;) see you all
in Istanbul!

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 Dear all

The 2014 IGF starts next week and the program is in place. For a quick
overview of IRPC sessions see http://internetrightsandprinciples.org/site/
for links to Workshops 83 <cid:part2.01070702.09030801 at irpcharter.org>, 146
and the IRPC Roundtable and Meeting on Thursday afternoon at 4.30pm

Some highlights of what the coalition has achieved during the summer
1) The Turkish edition of the IRPC Charter Booklet
ready online and we will be launching this edition along with the 2nd
edition of the Arabic Booklet and 4th edition of the English booklet in
Istanbul. Our thanks to the Turkish Pirate Party, in particular Serhat Koc
and Burcu Baklioglu for their tireless attention to translation detail and
coherence and to the WebWeWant campaign for financial support
for the Turkish Booklet production, updating of the English booklet
printrun and, for the near future, funds to finalise the full Spanish
Booklet to accompany the Spanish language IRPC Charter
We would also like to thank the Hivos IGMENA Program for their financial
support of the Arabic Edition of the IRPC Charter Booklet
and the translation effort that went into that . And, while we are at it,
thanks to all German speakers who have been promoting the German Booklet
released during the 2014 EuroDIG.

2) We also are looking forward to new participants in the netrights work in
Turkey who have worked hard with Freedom House to put together one of the
few sessions run by Turkish Civil Society on this year's program. It will
be a great session (WS 225), 9am on Friday morning
so bring your coffee and breakfast fare with you so we can show our support
for this initiative.

We will be tweeting as @netrights, with main hashtag #netrights.

All in all a great week lined up with high quality panellists to move our
conversations forward, and discuss next steps
the IRPC Charter itself, and the IRP Coalition's contribution to the IGF in
the year to come. There will be news and updates on several key projects
that have been implementing the Charter on the ground in WS 83, case
studies and discussions about anonymity as an integral part of human rights
for the online environment in WS 146, and how freedoms online are at stake
in the Turkish context in WS225.

We look forward to seeing you all there, in these sessions and others in
which IRPC individuals and organizations are taking part, or organizing.

Safe travels all.
MF, RB and the IRPC SC

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UN Internet Governance
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