[IRPCoalition] [bestbits] free flow of information @ Netmundial - Civil Society major issues

Ralf Bendrath bendrath at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Apr 16 02:42:12 EEST 2014

Am 16.04.2014 00:51, schrieb Koven Ronald:
> But "free flow of information" is in the constitution of UNESCO and
> could therefore be arguably seen as an established human rights concept.

The UNESCO Constitution only contains "to promote the free flow of ideas
by word and image". This does not constitute a fundamental right, and it
applies to ideas rather than information. "Information" can also mean
personal data and is used exactly to this effect by many trade and
industry bodies to undermine data protection / privacy, as Jeanette
rightly pointed out.

Best, Ralf

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