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But "free flow of information" is in the constitution of UNESCO and could therefore be arguably seen as an established human rights concept.

Rony Koven

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Hi Anne,

I have argued for integrating Human Rights language into the draft 
document. "Free flow of information" is not part of any UN resolution 
and thus not the same as the right to freedom of opinion and expression. 
Free flow of information neither implies enforceable rights nor does is 
it imply any obligations of governments. Language is very important when 
it comes to human rights.


Am 15.04.2014 16:33, schrieb Anne Jellema:
> Jeanette, thanks - the example serves your purpose of illustrating the
> complexity of positioning  in the textual negotiations. On a side note,
> though, I'm surprised to hear you say that you have opposed free flow of
> information on grounds that it is not a human right. Article 19 of the
> UDHR states that:
> Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right
> includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and */to seek,
> receive and impart information and ideas through any media and
> regardless of frontiers/*.
> Best
> Anne
> On Tue, Apr 15, 2014 at 3:46 PM, Jeanette Hofmann <jeanette at wzb.eu
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>     Hi,
>     Am 15.04.2014 14:54, schrieb parminder:
>         Not only net neutrality has been removed,
>     'free flow of information' which figured twice in the earlier
>     (leaked) draft has been removed from both places..
>     in my capacity as a HLMC member I have spoken up against free flow
>     of information in the human rights section because free flow of
>     information is not a human right. Ironically, someone from the
>     business sector objected to removing this term from the human rights
>     section.
>     I am reporting this to illustrate that the negotiation of the text
>     hasn't always followed the distribution of power and interest that
>     some on this list may assume. The draft document represents
>     victories and defeats on all sides.
>     jeanette
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