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Dear Marianne,

thanks a lot for the information that you share with us all the time.
I am reading them all, sorry that sometimes it seems like nobody would
take care :D

Do u we really need a S.Monkey? as we have 2 SC places with 2
candidates and 1 Co-chair place with 1 candidate.

Or it helps easier to manage the confirmation by members than via email?


On 21/11/2013, Marianne Franklin <m.i.franklin at gold.ac.uk> wrote:
> Dear all
> The Bali IGF was a month ago already. I am attaching a report of the
> coalition's activities this year and Minutes of our DC meeting fyi. This
> report along with the two reports from the two workshops we co-organized
> will be online soon; on the IGF website and at
> www.internetrightsandprinciples.org.
> This mail is to let you all know that there are two candidates for this
> year's Steering Committee ( 2 places), and a candidate for co-Chair. FYI
> Matthias Ketteman, outgoing co-Chair joins the SC following convention.
> The blurbs of the three new candidates who have stepped forward since
> Bali are below. If anyone wants to stand please let us know by Friday,
> 29 November, midday GMT. The list of candidates and profiles of all
> continuing SC members (noted on the minutes) and co-Chair (that's me)
> will be up on Survey Monkey by the evening of 29th Nov for all to
> reacquaint themselves with, endorse or elect (or not) along the lines we
> followed last year.
> *IRP Coalition 2013*
> Candidates for the Steering Committee (2013-2014) and Co-Chair (2013-2015)
> *_Co-Chair Candidate_*
> *__*
> *Robert Bodle*
> Robert Bodle (PhD) is Associate Professor of Communication and New Media
> Studies at the College of Mount St. Joseph (Cincinnati, Ohio USA).
> Robert joined the IRP Coalition in 2008 and helped facilitate the
> writing of an early draft of the Charter. He provided media support for
> the IRP during IGF Egypt (2009). At GigaNet (2009) Robert presented his
> paper "Social Media and Global Internet Governance: Innovations and
> Limitations" and was recipient of the GigaNet Scholarship Award. From
> 2009-2012 Robert managed social media for the IRP coalition (Twitter,
> Facebook, YouTube) doing outreach, raising awareness, building
> community, and advocating for Human Rights on the Internet. In 2011
> Robert helped launch the IRP Charter site (created with Jenn Carrig --
> his partner) at IGF Nairobi. At GigaNet (2011) Robert presented his
> research "Upholding online anonymity in Internet governance:
> Affordances, ethical frameworks, and regulatory practices." In 2013,
> Robert helped with the layout and editing of the printed version of the
> Charter, and, at IGF Bali, helped organize and moderate the workshop
> "Rights for Disadvantaged Groups," as well as present his work "Social
> media and cybersecurity: examining the public-private nexus of state
> security and online social production" on the panel Surveillance-Snowden
> at GigaNet (2013).
>   I can add some of this if you think it's relevant . . .
> *__*
> *_Steering Committee Candidates _*
> *Rafik Dammak *
> Rafik Dammak is Tunisian working as computer engineer and living in
> Tokyo. He hold a degree in Computer Engineering from Engineering school
> in Tunisia and Msc on applied computer science from Graduate School of
> Interdisciplinary Information Studies at the University of Tokyo. He is
> a Diplo Foundation alumni after completion of the Internet Governance
> Capacity Building program. He is a former Creative Commons Tunisian
> license project Public co-leader while he also followed an e-learning
> program WIPO. He is former member of the steering committee for the
> Dynamic Coalition on Internet Rights and Principles, and coordinator of
> Youth Coalition on Internet Governance. He has been involved in ICANN
> community as NCUC (Non-commercial users constituency) individual user
> membe, former elected GNSO Councillor for the Non-Commercial Stakeholder
> Group, ICANN nomcom member in addition to participation to several ICANN
> WGs like the new gTLD applicant support or JAS WG where he was the
> co-chair. He was elected as chair of the Non-Commercial Stakeholders
> Group. He is also member of OECD ICCP CSISAC steering committee
> He is also in the program committee for Asia Pacific regional IGF and
> Japan IGF and attended several global IGF and the first summer school on
> Internet Governance. He works on improving awareness about Internet
> Governance in Tunisia and MENA in general
> (http://igmena.org/wp-ontent/uploads/2013/06/InternetGovernance_Tunisia2.pdf
> <http://igmena.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/InternetGovernance_Tunisia2.pdf>)
> collaborating with Hivos supported Project iGMENA igmena.org
> <http://igmena.org> . He has also interests in technical and governance
> aspects of Internet of Things"
> *Catherine Easton*
> Catherine Easton (PhD) is a lecturer and researcher at Lancaster
> University School of Law in the UK.  She works in the area of Internet
> governance, with a particular focus on website accessibility and the
> application of disability discrimination legislation to the Internet.
> Catherine has published in a number of multi-disciplinary journals and
> has contributed the chapter on the law relating to website accessibility
> to the European Union Internet Law edition of Edward Elgar's "Research
> Handbooks" series.  At the 2013 Internet Governance Forum Catherine
> spoke on the panel focusing upon Rights Issues for Disadvantaged and
> Indigenous Peoples.  She was elected onto the Executive Committee of the
> British and Irish Law, Education and Technology Association (BILETA) and
> now acts as Treasurer, with a particular role relating to the support of
> postgraduate researchers.  She sits on the advisory board of the UK
> Research Council funded project Invisible Difference: Dance, Disability
> and the Law. Catherine has been successful in gaining funding to develop
> her work on accessibility and is currently organising events focusing on
> inclusion and the UK Government's use of technology to facilitate
> benefit payments.
> --
> Professor Marianne Franklin
> Convener: Global Media & Transnational Communications Program
> Co-Chair Internet Rights & Principles Coalition (UN IGF)
> Goldsmiths, University of London
> Dept. of Media & Communications
> New Cross, London SE14 6NW
> Tel: +44 20 7919 7072
> <m.i.franklin at gold.ac.uk>
> @GloComm
> https://twitter.com/GloComm
> http://www.gold.ac.uk/media-communications/staff/franklin/
> https://www.gold.ac.uk/pg/ma-global-media-transnational-communications/
> www.internetrightsandprinciples.org
> @netrights

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