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Dear all

The Bali IGF was a month ago already. I am attaching a report of the 
coalition's activities this year and Minutes of our DC meeting fyi. This 
report along with the two reports from the two workshops we co-organized 
will be online soon; on the IGF website and at 

This mail is to let you all know that there are two candidates for this 
year's Steering Committee ( 2 places), and a candidate for co-Chair. FYI 
Matthias Ketteman, outgoing co-Chair joins the SC following convention.

The blurbs of the three new candidates who have stepped forward since 
Bali are below. If anyone wants to stand please let us know by Friday, 
29 November, midday GMT. The list of candidates and profiles of all 
continuing SC members (noted on the minutes) and co-Chair (that's me) 
will be up on Survey Monkey by the evening of 29th Nov for all to 
reacquaint themselves with, endorse or elect (or not) along the lines we 
followed last year.

*IRP Coalition 2013*

Candidates for the Steering Committee (2013-2014) and Co-Chair (2013-2015)

*_Co-Chair Candidate_*


*Robert Bodle*

Robert Bodle (PhD) is Associate Professor of Communication and New Media 
Studies at the College of Mount St. Joseph (Cincinnati, Ohio USA). 
Robert joined the IRP Coalition in 2008 and helped facilitate the 
writing of an early draft of the Charter. He provided media support for 
the IRP during IGF Egypt (2009). At GigaNet (2009) Robert presented his 
paper "Social Media and Global Internet Governance: Innovations and 
Limitations" and was recipient of the GigaNet Scholarship Award. From 
2009-2012 Robert managed social media for the IRP coalition (Twitter, 
Facebook, YouTube) doing outreach, raising awareness, building 
community, and advocating for Human Rights on the Internet. In 2011 
Robert helped launch the IRP Charter site (created with Jenn Carrig -- 
his partner) at IGF Nairobi. At GigaNet (2011) Robert presented his 
research "Upholding online anonymity in Internet governance: 
Affordances, ethical frameworks, and regulatory practices." In 2013, 
Robert helped with the layout and editing of the printed version of the 
Charter, and, at IGF Bali, helped organize and moderate the workshop 
"Rights for Disadvantaged Groups," as well as present his work "Social 
media and cybersecurity: examining the public-private nexus of state 
security and online social production" on the panel Surveillance-Snowden 
at GigaNet (2013).

  I can add some of this if you think it's relevant . . .


*_Steering Committee Candidates _*

*Rafik Dammak *

Rafik Dammak is Tunisian working as computer engineer and living in 
Tokyo. He hold a degree in Computer Engineering from Engineering school 
in Tunisia and Msc on applied computer science from Graduate School of 
Interdisciplinary Information Studies at the University of Tokyo. He is 
a Diplo Foundation alumni after completion of the Internet Governance 
Capacity Building program. He is a former Creative Commons Tunisian 
license project Public co-leader while he also followed an e-learning 
program WIPO. He is former member of the steering committee for the 
Dynamic Coalition on Internet Rights and Principles, and coordinator of 
Youth Coalition on Internet Governance. He has been involved in ICANN 
community as NCUC (Non-commercial users constituency) individual user 
membe, former elected GNSO Councillor for the Non-Commercial Stakeholder 
Group, ICANN nomcom member in addition to participation to several ICANN 
WGs like the new gTLD applicant support or JAS WG where he was the 
co-chair. He was elected as chair of the Non-Commercial Stakeholders 
Group. He is also member of OECD ICCP CSISAC steering committee

He is also in the program committee for Asia Pacific regional IGF and 
Japan IGF and attended several global IGF and the first summer school on 
Internet Governance. He works on improving awareness about Internet 
Governance in Tunisia and MENA in general 
collaborating with Hivos supported Project iGMENA igmena.org 
<http://igmena.org> . He has also interests in technical and governance 
aspects of Internet of Things"

*Catherine Easton*

Catherine Easton (PhD) is a lecturer and researcher at Lancaster 
University School of Law in the UK.  She works in the area of Internet 
governance, with a particular focus on website accessibility and the 
application of disability discrimination legislation to the Internet. 
Catherine has published in a number of multi-disciplinary journals and 
has contributed the chapter on the law relating to website accessibility 
to the European Union Internet Law edition of Edward Elgar's "Research 
Handbooks" series.  At the 2013 Internet Governance Forum Catherine 
spoke on the panel focusing upon Rights Issues for Disadvantaged and 
Indigenous Peoples.  She was elected onto the Executive Committee of the 
British and Irish Law, Education and Technology Association (BILETA) and 
now acts as Treasurer, with a particular role relating to the support of 
postgraduate researchers.  She sits on the advisory board of the UK 
Research Council funded project Invisible Difference: Dance, Disability 
and the Law. Catherine has been successful in gaining funding to develop 
her work on accessibility and is currently organising events focusing on 
inclusion and the UK Government's use of technology to facilitate 
benefit payments.

Professor Marianne Franklin
Convener: Global Media & Transnational Communications Program
Co-Chair Internet Rights & Principles Coalition (UN IGF)
Goldsmiths, University of London
Dept. of Media & Communications
New Cross, London SE14 6NW
Tel: +44 20 7919 7072
<m.i.franklin at gold.ac.uk>

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