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Dixie Hawtin Dixie
Wed Oct 31 17:20:42 EET 2012

Hi IRPers,

The final countdown to the Internet Governance Forum has begun and the IRP have a lot coming up!

The main Internet Rights and Principles Coalition meeting will be happening on Friday 9 November at 09:00-10:30 in Room 7. This is a very important meeting - we will create an IRP strategy for the next few years and elect new steering committee members, and a new co-chair. If you would like to feed your thoughts in to how the IRP should develop please fill in this very short survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/75TXGPL

In addition we have co-organised three workshops looking at cutting edge issues relating to human rights on the internet:

*         Empowering Internet User - which tools?<http://wsms1.intgovforum.org/content/no128-empowering-internet-users-%E2%80%93-which-tools>  Tuesday 6 November at 14:30-16:00 in Room 8

*         Is Access to the Internet a Human Right?<http://wsms1.intgovforum.org/content/no157-access-internet-human-right> Wednesday 7 November at 14:30-16:00 in Room 2

*         Threats to multi-stakeholder Internet Governance -is it worth protecting?<http://wsms1.intgovforum.org/content/no145-threats-multi-stakeholder-internet-governance-%E2%80%93-it-worth-protecting> Thursday 8 November at 09:00-10:30 in Room 6

And furthermore we will be launching our new website developed by the wonderful Minda Moreira and Keith Hubbard!
We hope you can join us - either in the room or remotely.
Very best,
Dixie Hawtin
Project Manager, Freedom of Expression and Digital Communications Global Partners and Associates
Development House, 56-64 Leonard St, EC2A 4LT, UK
Office: +44 (0)20 7549 0338
mailto:dixie at global-partners.co.uk

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