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Thank you for the feedback, Marianne!

I agree with your message. I think that ours and other organizations
following Marco Civil would be happy to take part and help in future

I just would like to share the information that yesterday we had a meeting
of the "Security and Rights" multistakeholder consultative chamber of the
CGI.br, and one of the goals of this chamber for the year of 2013 will be
to map documents of internet principles and continue the exercise of
approximating and comparing these initiatives. Of course, IRP charter was
one of the documents we included in our initial list. Although the main
goal of the exercise is to give subsidy and understanding to the chamber of
what has been done in terms of principles, the next IGF was seen as a clear
"deadline", do I think that several initiatives will converge to that time

CGI chamber will look for partners to develop this exercise. It is
particularly interested in contacting organizations from the Global South
that would be willing to share what has been produced in terms of
principles locally. If anyone is interested on that, please e-mail me and I
can make a link with the chamber coordinators.


On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 9:47 AM, Marianne Franklin
<m.i.franklin at gold.ac.uk>wrote:

>  Dear all
> These follow-on feedback points from the summary Matthias and I send are
> very helpful.
> Thank you Marilia and Olivier and others for all these pertinent remarks,
> and constructive suggestions about moving the Charter itself forward and
> the Coalition's work in the year to come.
> This overview of the Marco Civil process (
> http://observatoriodainternet.br/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Internet-Policy-Report-Brazil-2011.pdf)
> is a great example to follow for the work ahead of us in upgrading the
> current presentation of the main IRP Charter, Ten Principles and other
> documents in a similarly professional way. I think it will make moving
> forward more effective too. Also because the Marco Civil and the IRP
> Charter share a similar time-frame in terms of their launching within the
> IGF and beyond so there is already an important synergy there on various
> levels. The need to gather comprehensive knowledge of work in this area is
> also something the Coalition can take a lead on; more on this soon.
> In my view, this link between the Marco Civil and the IRP Charter is also
> a very suitable starting point for the coalition to develop internal links
> between the Charter and other initiatives like this one from coalition
> member organizations i.e. links that are visible online (websites, Twitter
> feeds) that can show the range of issues, viewpoints, and geographical
> regions currently active in this area for others; not just one. Personally
> I am always wary of 'master narratives' but that is my view!
> Looking back though, I do think we need to remember that getting human
> rights on the IGF and other agendas has been a major achievement and one
> all coalition members, and the coalition as a whole given that the IRP
> Charter was actually produced within the IGF working model, for all its
> limitations, should be proud of. We can all share this outcome even though
> there is still a lot of work to do in more concrete ways on the ground.
> How? Well, at present there are many initiatives from coalition members,
> all with various perspectives and approaches yet all working somewhat
> separately and with little lateral coordination in terms of outreach and
> publicizing. Whilst there are clearly reasons for each initiative to want
> to stake its respective claim for or against human and other rights and the
> Internet, I am not suggesting that linking up and working on lateral
> connections need imply total agreement. But when it comes to putting human,
> and other rights effectively on the agenda my view is that there is
> strength in diversity and strength in showing that diversity in opinions,
> including differences in worldviews is a positive thing.
> So, I agree wholeheartedly with Anriette's point about the need to avoid
> territoriality, turf-wars in other words, and OIivier's point about
> avoiding needlessly reinventing the wheel and also making sure that there
> is better coordination in programming terms for the next IGF for matters
> and events that concern everyone in the coalition.
> Looking forward to hearing reports back to the list about the WCIT
> outcomes.
> Are there any takers or anyone organizing something for the UNESCO meeting?
> best
> MF
> On 29/11/2012 01:23, Marilia Maciel wrote:
> Hello all,
>  I am very glad to hear about this initiative to establish a dialogue
> among the several parallel initiatives to develop Internet principles. I
> think that the IRP coalition has developed a remarkable collaborative
> document of principles, which is detailed and objective at the same time.
> The coalition is a reference on the discussion about principles, therefore,
> it makes sense that it is one of the key actors to facilitate the
> forthcoming discussions about this topic.
>  Regardless of the quality of IRP's document, I think that future efforts
> should go on the direction of bringing together all valuable initiatives of
> principles that have emerged lately, identify the overlaps and the
> differences and, hopefully, come up with a document that would "steal" good
> language and reflect the concerns from different proposals. It is also my
> impression that the efforts that have been made so far to map the
> initiatives of principles are too focused on those that have emerged on the
> North of the globe. There are interesting discussions about principles in
> Latin America, Africa and Asia that need to be mapped and analyzed.
>  As a first small contribution on that direction, CTS/FGV has build up on
> the initial mapping that Wolfgang Klainwachter has made (translated and
> published in Portuguese by Nupef) and has added side by side the principles
> encompassed in Marco Civil (the Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the
> Internet) and in the list of principles by CGI.br. Those who are interested
> can find it in the Annuary of digital policies in Brazil (draft translation
> into English) pages 81-87 available at:
> http://observatoriodainternet.br/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Internet-Policy-Report-Brazil-2011.pdf
> .
> My point is that a broader mapping of initiatives clearly needs to be
> done. A roundtable sounds like a good idea,  specially if preceded by some
> background work, and this all something that IRP could play a role in.
>  Best wishes,
> Marília
> On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 4:00 PM, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond <ocl at gih.com>wrote:
>>  Thank you for your message, Parminder.
>> On 28/11/2012 10:03, parminder wrote:
>> During the main session on emerging issues and going ahead at the IGF,
>> there was a section on developing Internet principles. (This main session
>> ran at the same time as the meeting of the IRP or Internet Rights and
>> Principles dynamic coalition and therefore I could not attend the later and
>> am looking forward to a report of the same.)
>>  Did I read this correctly? The session on developing Internet Principles
>> took place at the same time as the meeting of the IRP? Quite unfortunate.
>> One of my comments during the IRP session was that we have to stop letting
>> the wheel be re-invented. We need to publicise the IRP's work and let
>> others build on this if they wish to join forces, but not go round the pot
>> 1000 times and turn recurring circles. Oh -- and a general criticism of IGF
>> Baku organisation is that if someone wanted to have discussions run in
>> Silos, that's EXACTLY how hey would have organised it.
>> Kind regards,
>> Olivier
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