[IRP] Civil Society Statement at the upcoming UN meeting on democratizing global governance of the Internet

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Wed May 16 04:40:31 EEST 2012

*Call to support a joint civil society statement on democratising the 
global governance of the Internet, proposed by */*Focus on the Global 
South (*//Thailand//*), Instituto Nupef *//(Brazil)//*, IT for Change 
*//(India)//*, Knowledge Commons *//(India), //*Other News *//(Italy) 
and //*Third World Network *//(Malaysia/

Dear All,

Greetings from IT for Change!

As per the UN General Assembly resolution of December 2011, the UN 
Commission on Science and Technology for Development is holding a one 
day meeting on 'Enhanced Cooperation on Public Policy Issues Pertaining 
to the Internet' on 18th of May in Geneva. This important  meeting will 
take stock of the future directions for global Internet governance and 
what may be needed to democratise it. *A joint statement 
by civil society organisations and individuals is being proposed on this 
occasion*. A document on background information can be found here 

This is a call to support and endorse the statement. We are happy to 
provide any clarification that may be needed, and to engage further on 
this subject. *If you would like to support this statement, kindly send 
your endorsement ? organisational or personal ? to itfc at itforchange.net 
<mailto:itfc at itforchange.net>, before 16*^*th* *May.

IT for Change*
/*On behalf of the proposing organisations */*

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