[IRP] Invitation to the European Commission's IGF Civil Society Meeting

Mark Boudreau digitalrightswatch
Tue Mar 20 18:28:31 EET 2012

Hi All,

I have been invited on behalf of my site Digital Rights Watch to attend
their IGF Civil Society meeting on April 12 in Brussels. Unfortunately I
will not be able to attend.

If anybody would like to take up the invitation on behalf of Digital Rights
Watch on a voluntary basis please contact me before April 6th to discuss.

Digital Rights Watch is a site I started in August of 2011, originally to
allow me to track the global digital rights debate with an emphasis on the
legal issues involved. It is evolving from an aggregator of news to a venue
of original commentary, interviews and hopefully analysis on global digital
rights issues. It is currently completley self- financed. The intention is
for the site to act as a global forum of debate covering all sides of the
issues. More details on the site can be found here:

Of course if anybody would like to contribute to the site as a writer,
editor, researcher or analyst you are most welcome to do so, please contact
me and we can work out the details.

Thank you.

Mark Boudreau B.A. LL.B
Digital Rights Watch
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