[IRP] "Towards an Internet Free of Censorship" reached 2, 600 downloads

Eduardo Bertoni eberto2
Fri Mar 23 03:32:58 EET 2012

FYI, we will distribute the information copied below among our lists, but I
would like to send it in advance to people involved in Internet & FoE

CELE's new book, "Towards an Internet Free of Censorship" reached 2,600
downloads and the chapters in English available on our site have also been
consulted significantly. In the middle of worldwide debates on the issues
of Internet regulation and freedom of expression, we at CELE are pleased
that our most recent book is contributing to the enrichment of discussions
of these topics.
The articles compiled in the book touch on key topics, among them: the
responsibility of providers, the protection of personal data, content
filtering, and situations of applicable jurisdiction. The book also
features comparative analysis of existing legislation in Latin America in
the area and proposals for public policies that preserve freedom of
expression on the Internet.
The book is available to download in Spanish here
Select chapters in English are available here

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