[IRP] The new procedure to block illegal content in Spanish Law (#LeySinde)

Loreto Corredoira loreto.corredoira
Fri Jan 6 22:45:42 EET 2012

Dear colleagues (IRP forum), I thinks this would interest some of you
following "anti-piracy" issues. Comments are welcomed!

The new procedure to block illegal content in Spanish Law

Some media commentators consider it to be the Spanish SOPA Law, although *there
are many differences*.
On December 30th the new government of Spain approved a decree to make a
new law effective.  Under this new ?Ley Sinde? (named for the former
Minister of Culture, Angeles Gonz?lez Sinde)  which was passed in March of
2011 -  the way is paved for a new procedure to erase illegal content on
Spanish servers or webpages hosted in Spanish territory.
Links y post en espa?ol*
De la #LeySinde a la #LeyWert (1): el nuevo procedimiento

De la #LeySinde a la #LeyWert (2): La nueva Secci?n 2? de la Comisi?n de la
Propiedad Intelectual<http://cyberlaw.ucm.es/expertos/loreto-corredoira/144-de-la-leysinde-a-la-leywert-2-la-nueva-seccion-2o-de-la-comision-de-la-propiedad-intelectual>

31   3  <http://cyberlaw.ucm.es/expertos/loreto-corredoira/143--de-la-leysinde-a-la-leywert>
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