[IRP] Locking up the Cyberspace in Pakistan

Dixie Hawtin Dixie
Fri Feb 24 15:36:36 EET 2012


You might have seen that this week a call for proposals was issues in Pakistan for a URL filtering system http://ictrdf.org.pk/RFP-%20URL%20Filtering%20&%20Blocking.pdf

Bytes for All, Pakistan has issued a public statement regarding Pakistan government?s plans for Internet filtering in the country. See: http://content.bytesforall.pk/node/39 They have also called on UNHRC to take a note of this issue. They have also requested international companies to please refrain from bidding for the proposed system and show their support for freedom of expression, speech and opinion in Pakistan.

Bytes for All fear that Internet will be further restricted nearing general elections in 2013. Please help them to spread the word.

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