[IRP] FYI: PROFIT .... Pro Free Internet Treaty

Andrew Rens andrewrens
Sat Feb 4 21:42:27 EET 2012

>From another mailing list. Anyone want to follow on wikilaw/

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From: geraldine juarez <geraldine at hipertextual.com>
Date: 3 February 2012 17:50
Subject: PROFIT .... Pro Free Internet Treaty

Hello all,
I don?t know if you have seen this but there is a wikilaw called FIA (free
internet Act)
being written in Reddit in response to SOPA

Now people is also request international IP lawyers to start PROFIT.  Pro
Free Internet Treaty
in response to ACTA on the same threads.



Andrew Rens

ex africa semper aliquid novi (http://aliquidnovi.org)
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