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Hi all

Have forwarded Shaila Mistry's statement as intended for the list. See below
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Subject: 	[IRPCoalition] IRP Coalition-Steering Committee (2)_last call 
Date: 	Thu, 6 Dec 2012 14:07:24 -0800
From: 	shaila mistry <shailam at yahoo.com>
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Hi Everyone
Human rights have been my passion even prior to active participation on 
the steering committees of The Bill of Rights and Internet Rights and 
Principles. The linkage between internet rights and human rights was 
always clear to me because of my work in Human Trafficking and 
involvement in passing legislation in California.
I worked extensively on the Charter and participated in several rounds 
of developing critical segments and crafting language. Following this I 
worked on authoring the 10 Punch Principles. Subsequently became 
involved in launching the Charter at UN CSW and IFUW etc. Other internet 
governance involvements include participation in WSIS since its 
inception in 2005 since Geneva and Tunisia. My IGF participation 
includes attending conferences last in Vilnius and served on Nom Com and 
currently serving on the Arbitration Committee.
I am enthused and proud to be part of a movement which has brought 
notable change in perceptions of rights and the internet. Our IRP team 
has played a significant role in bringing human rights closer to central 
discussions of the internet. I would like to be part of taking this 
forward to next level.
Next steps for IRP:

  * Regroup our new team’s path
  * Review the living Charter to update.
  * Strategize for better thrust and exposure to critical

*Currently I am :
*President of Jayco Interface Technology
A minority Woman BusinessOwner for 20 years - from India, grew up in 
England and settled in US

Serve on (amongst others )
NAWBO Business Policy Advisor - State/ National on business and health 
care reform
IFUW Next Generation Moderator- Issues of leadership, gender, digital 
UN CSW Served in various capacities for last 15 years worked heavily on 
UN Reform

Shaila Rao Mistry

*The journey begins sooner than you anticipate !*
*..................... the renaissance of composure !

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I omitted to include the day i.e. I meant all statements to the list 
please no later than 17.00 hours GMT tomorrow, Friday 7 December. Though 
today would be great too so feel free! .-))


On 06/12/2012 11:05, Marianne Franklin wrote:
 > Dear all
 > Thanks Tapani, Carlos and others for sending us your blurbs, short 
and long!
 > Could everyone else who indicated interest or who has been nominated 
please send their statements through by no later than 17.00 hours GMT; 
this should give ample time for all time-zones.
 > The full list will be sent around and procedures for voting, or most 
likely endorsing the line-up on Monday.
 > best
 > MF

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