[IRP] FYI - New CoE group of experts on 'Rights of Internet Users'

Marianne Franklin M.I.Franklin
Fri Apr 20 12:02:38 EEST 2012

Hi All

Thanks Meryem. You are going to - want to stay involved directly with this
initiative I hope?


On Fri, April 20, 2012 09:58, Dixie Hawtin wrote:
> Hi all -
> Meryem, this seems like a really great opportunity for the IRP to feed in
> (and hopefully shape) some initiatives at the CoE to push our Charter and
> 10 IRPs further... thanks for putting some IRP people up as potential
> experts. And of course, the more IRP members who are able to finance
> themselves to participate as an "observer" the better.
> Moving forward, I think the best thing to do would be to identify who in
> the Coalition is interested in feeding in to this initiative, and then
> making a smaller working group to focus on this issue and coordinate IRP
> involvement in the group. Do we have a sense of when the CoE is going to
> announce who is on the expert group, and what kind of timeframe we are
> working on?
> Thanks again Meryem!
> Also just to let everyone know - the IRP Working Group for the IGF are
> working on a number of workshop proposals which we will be submitting
> today. One is a provocative look at the concept of multi-stakeholderism,
> one is looking at whether access to the Internet is a human right
> (following up on the Oped Vint Cerf wrote earlier this year), and one is
> on empowering internet users (which we are co-sponsoring with the Council
> of Europe). I will forward the links to the proposals once they are all
> up online.
> In addition to this we will also have our IRP workshop, which we seek to
> use to really promote awareness and campaign on the 10 IRPs!
> Best,
> Dixie
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> Dear Meryem,
> I could be interested in being an "observer" at the Expert Group...and I
> do understand what you say about that being a self-financing role...
> Best wishes,
> David
> On 19 April 2012 18:15, Meryem Marzouki <meryem at marzouki.info> wrote:
>> Dear IRP colleagues,
>> I'm representing EDRI (European Digital Rights) as observer to the
>> Council of Europe CDMSI (Steering Committee on Media and Information
>> Society, which held its 1st meeting agenda here:
>> http://www.coe.int/t/dghl/standardsetting/media/CDMC/default_en.asp).
>> Among many items on the agenda, the creation of an expert group on
>> "Rights of Internet Users" was (MC-RIU) proposed by the Secretariat and
>> discussed.
>> The tentative Terms of References and workplan proposed by the
>> Secretariat ?(see above link) were discussed during the 1st CDMSI
>> meeting. Members States delegates agreed on its creation, provided that
>> the terms of references are modified a bit, so that item (iii) of the
>> "Main Tasks" now reads: "(iii) advise the CDMSI, upon its request, on
>> all questions within its area of competence and on rights and
>> responsibilities of internet users, intermediaries, and other internet
>> actors."
>> Anyway, the tasks remain wide enough to develop interesting work in the
>> framework of the MC-RIU group. The main objective for the group,
>> besides the "compendium of Internet users rights" would be to focus on
>> existing recourses and remedies for users.
>> The group is supposed to be formed by 13 experts (this is the maximum
>> allowed by the available budget, since experts are reimbursed for their
>> expenses to attend the group meetings). It is currently written that
>> these 13 will be 7 Member States representatives and 6 independent
>> experts. After the discussion, there will be "at least" 7 Member States
>> representatives. Of course, there could be more participants in the
>> group, but the additional people will be called "observers". Note that
>> the main difference is that observers don't get reimbursed for their
>> expenses.
>> CDMSI members and observers were asked to send expression of interests
>> and suggestions for independent experts (i.e. others than member states
>> representatives) to the Secretariat by April 16. The CDMSI bureau will
>> decide on final selection.
>> On behalf of EDRI, I expressed our interest to participate as expert,
>> and I made suggestions for other independent experts, taking into
>> account many criteria, such as a willing to include IRP people, as well
>> as gender and country balance (needed to have the suggestions
>> considered) and the fact that budget-wise, it is unlikely that the CoE
>> would bring people based outside of the European continent. Again, not
>> being in the small group of experts that will be selected doesn't mean
>> not being able to participate to the work, though without travel
>> funding to attend meetings. As the attached workplan mentions, at-large
>> consultations will also be organized.
>> Obviously, this work would highly benefit from the work already done by
>> the IRP (charter, 10 IRP, etc.), as well as by other groups on the same
>> topic. I wanted to inform the coalition of this development, so that we
>> can also collectively follow and participate to this new initiative,
>> especially through the consultations that will be organized. Dixie and
>> Matthias will probably make suggestions to follow-up on this.
>> Best,
>> Meryem
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