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This may be of interest.
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Subject: Access to host the Silicon Valley Human Rights Conference

Dear Michael,

This upcoming Tuesday, Oct. 25, Access will convene the Silicon Valley Human
Rights Conference (https://www.rightscon.org
8603/VEsH/> ) in Silicon Valley. The conference is the first of its kind: a
meeting of vital industry players with those on the front lines fighting for
digital freedom. Together, we will examine and explore how the high-tech
industry can better plan for and manage the human rights implications of
their technologies.

Nearly 500 leaders in business, civil society, and government are slated to
attend, and we have an incredible lineup of more than 90 speakers over the
course of the two-day program
8603/VEsE/> . You may already know that our roster includes the likes of:

*	Michael Posner, Assistant Secretary of State  

*	John Markoff, New York Times correspondent  

*	Alex Macgillivray, Twitter General Counsel  

*	Robert Scoble, Tech evangelist  

*	Jillian York, Electronic Frontier Foundation 

*	Van Jones, Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress 

Even the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has sent a welcome video message
to the Conference.

We are very excited, though, to share with you that Access has arranged to
bring several activists and bloggers from the front lines to participate in
the conference, like Ugandan journalist Rosebell Kagumire, and award-winning
Lebanese blogger Imad Bazzi. It is through their participation that we will
carry the lessons of this unique gathering far beyond the walls of the
conference center.

We also want to extend an invitation to all the members of the global
movement to participate and help make this a huge success. Here's what you
can do:

1: WATCH the conference online at rightscon.org
8603/VEsF/> . Just because you can't be in Silicon Valley with us doesn't
mean you have to miss out.  Streaming will begin on Tuesday, Oct. 25, from 9
a.m. PST until 6 p.m. PST, then on Wednesday, Oct. 26, from 9 a.m. PST until
5 p.m. PST. 

2: TWEET about the conference using #rightscon or @accessnow, and follow us
on Facebook at facebook.com/accessnow
8603/VEsC/> .

3. SHARE the goals of Access with your friends and ask them to join the
movement. Forward this email to them now! Join here!

4. DONATE to the global movement.  Every dollar you give goes to ensuring
citizens around the world can enjoy the right to a free and open internet.
Donate here!

Thank you, from the entire Access team, for helping us keep the Internet
open and secure. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming days!

With determination,
Brett, Joe, Jochai, Gustaf, Daniel, Lela, Asie, Mike, Raegan, Aasil, Myles,
Eric, Christina, Rissa, Lisa, Joanna, Matt, Keisha, Cedric, and the rest of
the Access team


8603/VEsO/> DONATE here to help the global movement.




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