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UNESCO Director-General calls on Syrian authorities to restore internet services to citizens and cease attacks against media
10-06-2011 (Paris)
UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova today expressed her concern over the escalating violence in Syria and, in particular, the crackdown on citizens' access to communication and information services and reported attacks and restrictions on journalists.
"Reports coming from Syria are alarming," Irina Bokova said. "The rights of citizens must be respected, as must the rights and security of journalists. This includes the right to freedom of expression, the need to access information and the ability to communicate. The decision to shut down internet access and cell phone networks, to block broadcasters and prevent journalists from doing their job is not acceptable."

Taking note of a promised amnesty and call for national dialogue by the Syrian authorities, the Director-General said: " I call on the Syrian authorities to immediately restore internet and cell phone services for citizens, to lift restrictions on the media and to prevent acts of aggression against journalists, so that they can report freely on events as is their duty."


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