[IRP] Freedom on the Internet in Deutsch

Chiranuch Prachatai chiranuch
Fri Jun 3 05:49:22 EEST 2011


As my friend helps me to understand this statement then he translated this
from German into English. I would like to share with you.



2011/5/28 Ben Wagner <b at nwagner.org>

> Dear all,
> for those of you who can read German, the German Foreign Minister just came
> out with an interesting statement to 'Freedom on the Internet.' It makes for
> an interesting read:
> http://www.fr-online.de/politik/meinung/die-freiheit-im-netz/-/1472602/8496970/-/
> For those who don't read German, Google translate can help to get a general
> idea although the translation is pretty bad and misses most of the
> interesting nuances.
> Best,
> Ben
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