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Dear Dixie and all,

Thanks for organizing this conf call. Unfortunately, I wont be able to participate, since my holidays starts only this week. Please note that I'll be participating to the IGF in Nairobi, so will be fully available for IRP activities (workshops etc.). Re: the booth, I would advise thinking twice before accepting it: yes, we do have some literature to display and distribute, however having a booth implies having enough people to stand by the booth the whole IGF duration, and I doubt we can do this. So, either think about sharing the booth with other groups (with similar interests), or consider asking an organization such as APC that does have its own booth and display our literature there.

Le 29 juil. 2011 ? 13:01, Dixie Hawtin a ?crit :

> Hi IRPers,
> All has been fairly quiet on the IRP list over the past couple of months. However, things have bubbling away below the surface. Now is the time to have a catch up about where we are at on various initiatives and to plan ahead so that the IRP can make a big splash at the 2011 IGF in Kenya! We are going to have a conference call next week to discuss the IGF ? please fill in this doodle poll to let us know what time you can make. THE POLL CLOSES ON TUESDAY 2ND AUGUST at 5:00 BST.
> Doodle poll: http://www.doodle.com/xat9322bxgu4pd76
> Look forward to speaking to you soon, Dixie
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> Agenda for the call
> The IRP Coalition has already achieved a lot since the 2010 IGF, we have:
> ?         written a Version 1.1 of the Charter
> ?         written the 10 Internet Rights and Principles
> ?         Started issuing (and signing on to) statements about relevant issues
> ?         consulted the Council of Europe about our Charter work
> ?         delivered a workshop at Eurodig called ?Making the Internet work for Human Rights?
> We also have a number of ongoing initiatives:
> ?         An Explanatory Document for the Charter. Toby Mendel of the Centre for Law and Democracy is writing a document to accompany the Charter which will outline legal sources of the articles of the Charter. It should therefore be a useful tool for advocacy initiatives to promote human rights on the Internet. This will be sent around in the next couple of weeks for discussion.
> ?         A Charter Version 2.0 ? we need to incorporate suggestions from the Council of Europe and from the Centre for Law and Democracy into the Charter. How should we do this and what other amendments are necessary?
> ?         A new website ? Robert Bodle is putting together a new interactive website to promote the IRP and our work and issues. What belongs on the website?
> ?         TedX Harlem ? Lee McKnight is arranging for the IRP to be included as part of a TedX talk in Harlem. Who wants to be involved in this?
> On top of that the Kenya IGF is fast approaching and there are a number of things that the Coalition should prepare:
> ?         Our IRP meeting: this is the main occasion to showcase IRP work and issues to the broader Internet Governance world, to recruit new members and ensure that important issues are aired. How can we use this space most effectively?
> ?         The IRP is jointly organizing (with Ben Wagner) a workshop looking at the export of surveillance technologies. The idea is that the Charter will be a framing device for thinking about how to address a concrete real human rights issue ? and to think about what (if anything) can be done to address it. Who would like to be involved in this workshop?
> ?         An IRP booth: the IRP have been offered a booth at the IGF if we want it. I think this would be a great opportunity to display our banner, and our literature (we have loads of punchy principles to hand out!). What else could we put in our booth?
> ?         There is a possibility that the IRP may jointly organize (with FGV) a workshop looking at different sets of principles (including the Charter) to compare and contrast different principles, analyzing the pros and cons of different approaches and to what extent they represent key values. Provided it goes ahead, who wants to be involved in organising this workshop?
> ?         The IRP should have a separate internal meeting whilst many of us are in Kenya to discuss the structure of the Coalition (and how to elect a new chair) and strategising for the future.
> Anything else?
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